2016 Re-Wrapped, and Un-Wrapping 2017

Let’s reflect on some of last year’s happenings…

Remember back to some of the exhibitions, such as the Diploma of Textile Design & Development’s show ‘Final Call’ and the Associate Degree in Fashion Design & Technology exhibition ‘Realisation’.

Final Call, graduate show Diploma of Textile Design & Development Exhibition, 29 November 2016

This exhibition displayed in Building 516’s un-renovated event space, showed eclectic textile compositions.


Realisation, graduate exhibition for Bachelor of Fashion (Design Technology), Associate Degree Fashion Design & Technology, Diploma of Fashion Styling, 24 November 2016

The collective of three programs presented graduate work of their students in the light-filled level 2 in Building 516. The interesting aspect of this show was the collaboration between programs, with works on display created by the Bachelor of Fashion (Design Technology) students, then styled and photographed by the Diploma of Fashion Styling students. Designs on show also incorporated work developed from industry-driven projects, including a collaborative project with Cotton On, by the Associate Degree Fashion Design & Technology, as well as capsule collections designed by students of the Bachelor of Fashion (Design Technology).


And now for 2017…

We’ve had an energetic start to the year with many students and alumni involved in exhibitions and events as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Arts and Runway Program. There’s also Craft Victoria’s annual FRESH! Awards, showcasing the School’s alumni talent, and the exhibition ‘High Risk Dressing / Critical Fashion’ at RMIT Design Hub, co-curated by Head of School Professor Robyn Healy.

High Risk Dressing / Critical Fashion, RMIT Design Hub, 17 February – 13 April, 2017 (recently extended by popular demand!)

Currently showing at RMIT Design Hub, ‘High Risk Dressing / Critical Fashion’, looks at the activities of the Fashion Design Council (1983-1993), an organisation established to support, promote and provoke avant-garde Australian fashion, founded by Robert Buckingham, Kate Durham and Robert Pearce. Through the lens of their archive of material housed in the RMIT Design Archives, the exhibition forms a new ‘collective’ of contemporary fashion practitioners that have activated the space in a program of fashion presentations, performances, films, publications and residencies.

The exhibition features the work of many RMIT staff, students and alumni with commissioned works by Adele Varcoe, Alexandra Deam, Annie Wu, Chorus, D&K, Laura Gardner, Martha Poggioli, Matthew Linde, PAGEANT, S!X and Winnie Ha Mitford.

Join us in some of the activities in the vibrant event program (all of which are free!), or pay a visit during the exhibition’s opening hours.

The full program can be viewed here: http://designhub.rmit.edu.au/docs/highriskdressingcriticalfashionprogram.pdf


Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, 1 – 19 March, 2017.

Anthropocene, 21 February – 10 March 2017, First Site Gallery, Storey Hall

As part of the VAMFF Arts Program, RMIT’s First Site Gallery opened ‘Anthropocene’, an exhibition exploring the relationship between fashion and geology. Opening on Wednesday 22 February and curated by students Josephine Briginshaw, Andy Butler and John Brooks, the show features many of RMIT’s fashion, textile and design talents. Works in the show explore ‘How we can weave new human ecologies through textiles, art and design’ in an ethereal display of garments, textiles and sculpture.’ Paul Castro (recent graduate in the Masters of Fashion (Design)), Alison Robinson (recent graduate of Diploma of Textile Design & Development), Caroline Pattle (student in Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design)), Jess Sansum (current student in Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours)), Jordana Halperin (current student in Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours)) and Renae Cusmano (recent graduate in Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours)) were among the artists involved.

Further details can be found on the exhibition’s website, here: https://www.anthropocene.com.au/

National Graduate Showcase
Sunday 19 March, Melbourne Museum

As part of  the VAMFF Runway Program, the upcoming National Graduate Showcase is a vital platform for some of Australia’s top fashion grads. This year’s event features recent graduates of the School’s Bachelor in Fashion (Design) (Honours) program, Victoria Bliss and Stephanie Henly, along with Masters of Fashion (Design) alumni Sarah Hope Schofield, and William Thi from the Bachelor of Fashion (Design Technology).Further details can be found on the VAMFF website, here: https://vamff.com.au/event/national-graduate-showcase/

National Designer Award
Tuesday 14 March, Melbourne Museum

As another VAMFF announcement, Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) graduate Lois Hazel participated as a runner up in the National Designer Award. With designer Kacey Devlin announced as winner of the award, finalists showcased their work as part of the Gala Runways on Tuesday March 14.



FRESH! Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane, 18 February – 11 March, 2017

Craft Victoria’s annual graduate showcase FRESH!, featured, among other RMIT graduates, the work of Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours) student Katie Barter. On display was Barter’s honours project, ‘Handle With Wear’, with garments generated from her research into clothing as a tactile phenomenon.

Further details can be found on the Craft Victoria website, here: http://www.craft.org.au/fresh