Business of Fashion: VOICES – Close Encounters

In recognition of RMIT’s School of Fashion and Textiles global top 10 ranking, Head of School Robyn Healy and three students from the Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) program, joined by alumni Joanna Henning, Design Assistant at Country Road, were invited by the Business of Fashion to attend VOICES – an invitation-only industry event at the Sydney Opera House on March 30, bringing together ‘fashion industry leaders, big thinkers, and entrepreneurs’.

The VOICES program ‘aims to spark new ideas and solve real world challenges impacting the global fashion industry – and connect industry leaders with inspirational people who are shaping the world.’

Quote from Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) student Maria Antonov:

“I thought the event was inspiring, especially hearing Armand Hadida speak – his thoughts on fashion education and the future of the industry are refreshing and heartening. It was a very motivating evening.” 

Quote from  Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) student Celeste Hayek:

“As a student, it helped to hear the opinions of well known designers and retailers about how new designers like myself can be successful, and also hearing the stories of how some, like Karen Walker and Nicky and Simone Zimmermann only started off with the minimal and became so successful. 

My favourite quote that I heard was by Justin O’Shea, Brioni Creative Director, and it was “The best thing is you have to do whatever you want, because at the end of the day that will make you eternally happy. And if it fails, you can’t blame anyone else. This was my choice, I did it this way. Along the way you can collate the information you get from everyone and you can use that as you will. But if it’s something that you don’t feel is natural you should just not do it because you’ll end up resenting someone. And you can’t have negativity in your life.” 

Quote from Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) student  Natalie Vigliarolo-Hart:

“It was very inspirational to hear people from the global fashion industry speak about how brands and up-coming designers like myself, can break into the global marketplace and be successful. The most important aspect I have taken away from this opportunity is when Armand Hadida, founder of L’Eclaireur said to me “find a fabric, touch the fabric, and think this is for me…this is my hand, with this I can create magic”.  Moving forward, I will definitely be looking for ‘my’ fabric!”